Making a Video Go Viral

Comedian Vic Dibitetto, whose YouTube video has gotten more than 7 million views, shares the secrets behind his 29-second hit.

by Teresa Palagano
eTalent Spotlight

The prediction of snow, blizzards or, heaven forbid, a nor'easter can turn sane citizens into irrational lunatics who storm gas stations and grocery stores for bunker-like supplies. If there's an inch of flakes headed this way, good luck trying to secure a loaf of bread. Because, as everyone knows, humans can't survive a single day without a slice of wonder and a glass of milk.

A 29-second video that taps into this bizarre behavior started a different kind of frenzy-a viral one that has garnered more than 7 million YouTube views for comedian Vic Dibitetto. Inspired by watching "all the idiots panic for bread and milk before a snowstorm," the member uploaded a video of himself mockingly rushing into his car while muttering, "I gotta get the bread and milk. They said snow. I gotta get the bread and milk. Oh my God!"

Timing may have had something to do with the bit's popularity, says Dibitetto. The comedian made the video right before winter storm 'Nemo' slammed the northeast, dumping as much as 32 inches of snow. Still, Dibitetto says he was shocked by just how big the reaction was. "I was very surprised when it went viral. I've been making videos for three years. I have more than 2,000 of them. And I have so many more that are funnier. As a matter of fact, I almost deleted this one."

To the video's surprising success, Dibitetto says simply, "Hey, why ask why? I realized this video was going to be big when relatives and friends I haven't spoken to in years called me about it." The video is making Dibitetto a bit of money ("I monetized it on YouTube," he explains), but bigger than that is the publicity it has generated for the comedian. "I've been all over the news and radio-even a newspaper in England. The weather channel also asked for my permission to air it. It's definitely given me a lot of exposure."

His advice for anyone else looking to go viral: "Make your video short, clean, clever, and funny. Then type in a lot of tags and cross your fingers. I was just lucky. It's a total roll of the dice."

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